dynamic art

Interested in the Dynamic Art of GIFRE?

Contact us and we discuss all your needs and the craziest ideas!

We organize Dynamic Art team member with a partnering architect to your space to take pictures of the location, studying its environment, investigating its needs. 

For Pere Gifre and the team is very important the dialogue with all the people who are involved in the project, from the architects and engineers to the visitors and the local community, all the details are important in order to know the essence of the place.

We develop several creative proposals that represent the concept you desire to bring inside your space!

The Artist gives first Conceptual Proposals in drawings and we discuss them with a client.

When the final concept is accepted, Gifre starts the CGI (computer-generated imagery)

And remember,

Pere strongly believes in proposals made especially for a specific place rather than a global piece which has no much meaning, always looking for something that goes beyond, something that is new and unique.

Using Dynamic Simulation Systems and Fluids, Gifre creates the 3D concept, then adjusts and composes the digital sculpture using 3D programs and Engineering technics.

After he calculates the material that we are going to need for the manufacturing according to the volume and its superficial area, prepare first presentational 3D Renders.

Together we adjust the Budget of these proposals and perform an Action Plan together with the Marketing Strategy and Financial Prediction.

Work confirmation

Definition of the Final Proposal, Payment Terms and Time Schedule.

Gifre is using retopology programs to improve the 3D surface and prepares it for the manufacturing using CAD/CAM techniques, calculates the structures needed using 3D engineering programs, also the Hydraulics if required.

When the retopology is ready, the Artist can create the first scale model in a Prototype to present to the client.

Once the model is accepted, we start the 1/1 Scale Manufacturing.

Here you see an example of one of Gifre’s iconic techniques.

Cutting Blocks of Expanded Polystyrene in slices, preparing them for the CAD/CAM or other manual techniques, then cutting this pieces in the shapes calculated by special 3D Programs.

Depending of the lead times, the sizes, the materials, the shapes or the budget we are going to use one manufacture technique or another.

Joining these pieces and modeling the sculpture, inserting the aims or the structures needed.

Polishing the sculpture´s surface, adding Fiberglass cloth or other special coverings to endure the shape, putting the priming.

Applying Finishes

All the finishes of GIFRE´s pieces, whether small or large format, are made entirely by hand!

Mirror / textured / any kind of finishes for interior or exterior

Lighting Test and Pre-composition.

Dynamic Art Provides organization of Logistics for the sculpture installation

Packing and Transport.

Installation and Final Lighting Test on place.

Programming required visual animation on them.

Grand Opening

unforgettable experience for you
profit for your business
mind-blowing attraction for your customers

The Marketing Strategy Plan, created by Dynamic Art, will help you to bring a massive Return On Investment shortly after the first event and continue getting profits from this sculpture in years and years…