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The most iconic element of the new luxury VP Plaza España Hotel in Madrid, is a sculpture that represents a monumental waterfall of 25 meters. This metallic waterfall, which offers the hotel a touch of avant-garde and modernity, descends dramatically from the glass bottom of the 12th floor transparent swimming pool to splash onto courtyard below.

The main objective of installing such an art installation was:

As a result, VP Plaza appeared in about a 100 publications in online magazines and blogs since March-June 2018, with no additional marketing costs. More interviews in important worldwide magazines are coming up every week. Several huge brands like Ferrari and Vodafone immediately booked the hotel for their events. Design Hotel is constantly having a large number of tourists wanting to take a selfie in front of the sculpture, which they have to reject due to the overwhelming Demand vs Capacity.

An average luxury hotel of 200+ rooms statistically spends an average of 10.000EUR each month only on the Social Media Marketing!

Every Instagram, Facebook or Blog post by an influencer or a magazine would cost them between 250EUR and 10.000EUR per post depending on the name recognition!

An installation of such level can provide all that absolutely for free from dozens of art appreciators around the world, and Dynamic Art knows how to achieve it!