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Veitorr - artist, painter and sculptor from the audiovisual industry. Veitorr proposes the universe formed from the combination of elementary forms that try to express the world around us based on the quantum and relativistic concepts of matter to compose and express that mechanistic reality of the complex microworld. Concepts such as "superposition", "Big Bang", "Transmutation / Transformation", "Interlacing", "Interaction" or "Perturvative Field" are some of the basic concepts on which his work develops.
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Josep Esteve
Member of the Royal Spanish Film Academy and associate professor of the Autonomous University of Barcelona of Audiovisual Production. Student of Physical Sciences at the University of Barcelona, he obtains a scientific base that he continues to develop in parallel to his artistic dedication. This scientific basis allows him to evolve in his initial art, based on Realism, creating Abstract Geometric Expressionism (whose conceptualization is based on theoretical physics concepts) and Semantic Expressionism in which the equations establish a code in the conformation of his proposals artistic in this area.
Ask for his Exclusive Art Catalogue 2019

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