dynamic art

decorative sculptural art


customized specifically according to your requirements

Furniture Pieces/Compositions

Functional Art pieces of our Dynamic artists for your interior design – each piece is unique made by order for individual cases – in specifically chosen materials, colours and styles,…

Projection Mapping and Scenography

Apart from creating beautiful masterpieces, together with our Dynamic Artists, we also design visual animations and effects that can be projected on your sculptural art!

Expand the possibilities of your space!
We have the most mind-blowing Art and Design solutions for your space, whether it is a flat, villa, restaurant, hotel, or think bigger - an entire building decorated from the exterior and a giant fountain on a square in front of it!
Empower your Brand Visual Marketing!
A powerful Brand representation through an Art Piece can be done from a cheaper temporary version to the most top luxury one using materials of highest quality incl. precious ones. A Shopwindow of a Fashion Brand? An Inauguration Event? Any property with a place for Art in it for any imaginable occasion? We create a new luxury image for starting businesses and transmit existing luxury image of Top Brands.
Invest in your future!
Create your own personalized and unique art piece together with Dynamic Art!

Curious about how Gifre is creating his Sculptural Artworks and how Dynamic Art team is managing the entire process from an idea to implementation?

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