dynamic art

sculptural constructions

and fountains of any kind

to complement interior or exterior space

of any size, purpose and characteristics

gigantic sculptural installations

Every project is completely adapted to your personal needs, starting from the choice of materials, to size and price!

We design all in one tech solution for the complex needs of the hotel/urban design industry!

This hyperrealism, generated through the reproduction of physical phenomena such as nebula behavior, the force of a tornado or the impacts generated by a cascade of water, is captured at the precise moment, giving us the necessary information in order to generate the pieces using complicated mathematical

processes to capture their dynamics and make the sculptures more real. Technological advances have enabled the materialization of complex ideas which before would have been impossible to accomplish. These ideas are generated through study, by provoking accidents in search of logical natural pattern, 

transforming nature and its physics into solid structures or designing through the use of intelligent textures or sounds. These new matrix or impossible meshes have succeeded in transforming the world of design, by creating evolutionary forms and deciphering complex geometries before impossible to generate.

How can a unique sculpture installation bring you worldwide recognition, financial profit and other benefits?

– Easy! Take a look at what they have already done! Installations, that can be made out of any materials, any size, any design requirements, any concept – a project that has never been done before, made exclusively for your space to expand it’s possibilities, rase value and awareness of your business worldwide, get viral publicity in media and insane marketing with no additional cost!

Imagine your space with a crazy art installation published in the most important media sources, being actively discussed by many important people from different sectors. 

Do you want to be exposed in dozens of art, design, hospitality, travel, architecture magazines worldwide, to appear in Television and thousands of Blogs by making just one smart move?

Just take a look at the hotel VP Plaza España Design 5* in Madrid! They have already got a Return On Investment from the price of the purchased sculptural art. They had 2 major clients for events within 2 weeks of announcement and appeared in more than a 100 top editorials around the globe.

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The most iconic element of the new luxury VP Plaza España Hotel in Madrid, is a sculpture that represents a monumental waterfall of 25 meters. This metallic waterfall, which offers the hotel a touch of avant-garde and modernity, descends dramatically from the glass bottom of the 12th floor transparent swimming pool to splash onto courtyard below.

hotel case

An average luxury hotel of 200+ rooms statistically spends minimum 7.000EUR each month only on the Social Media Marketing!

Every Instagram, Facebook or Blog post by an influencer or a magazine would cost them between 150EUR and 10.000EUR per post depending on the name recognition!

An installation of such level can provide all that absolutely for free from dozens of art appreciators around the world, and Dynamic Art knows how to achieve it!

As a result, VP Plaza appeared in about a 100 publications in online magazines and blogs from March to June 2018, with no additional marketing costs. More interviews in important worldwide magazines are coming up every week. Several huge brands like Ferrari and Vodafone immediately booked the hotel for their events. Design Hotel is constantly having a large number of tourists wanting to take a selfie in front of the sculpture, which they have to reject due to the overwhelming Demand vs Capacity.

Art is the
most profitable when it's Dynamic!

It is an object that is celebrated, which is not only being observed, but is also constantly interacting with your customers in one or another way…

It’s a self-sustainable activity, an asset.

With honor and pleasure we introduce this magnificent installations project to the key global accounts, giving facility for entities and cooperations!

Contact us for Dynamic Art solutions to Improve your business space and tell your story with unique Art installations.

Expand the possibilities of your space!
We have the most mind-blowing Art and Design solutions for your space, whether it is a flat, villa, restaurant, hotel, or think bigger - an entire building decorated from the exterior and a giant fountain on a square in front of it!
Empower your Brand Visual Marketing!
A powerful Brand representation through an Art Piece can be done from a cheaper temporary version to the most top luxury one using materials of highest quality incl. precious ones. A Shopwindow of a Fashion Brand? An Inauguration Event? Any property with a place for Art in it for any imaginable occasion? We create a new luxury image for starting businesses and transmit existing luxury image of Top Brands.
Invest in your future!
Create your own personalized and unique art piece together with Dynamic Art!

Curious about how Gifre is creating his Sculptural Artworks and how Dynamic Art team is managing the entire process from an idea to implementation?