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unique olfactory experience

customized perfumes

Dynamic Art not only has the most exquisite visual Art solutions for your Business, but also Sensory!

Our senses are directly linked to the limbic part of our brain that is responsible for feelings, pleasures, memories and emotions. Pleasant odors can make your brain focus on the positive aspects of your environment and blind it from the negative, therefore it reshapes the entire customer experience!

A correctly chosen Scent will become the most memorable message to your target audience, because when multiple senses are being used in your PR, your customers connect with it on a deeper emotional level and experience your brand more profoundly!

Yevgen Lazarchuk,  N1 perfumer in Eastern Europe can create the right fragrance to dress you or your space in!

The Artist creates, and Dynamic Art delivers, presenting a Strategical Sensory Marketing Plan embracing the entire olfactory experience of your customers, reinforced by Financial Prediction of the Return On your Investment and a Design Project offering the best ways to visually represent your one or several scents in your space in order to get more out of your Marketing!

Yevgen Lazarchuk

Top Perfumer

More than 15 years of experience. From Kiev, Ukraine. The last student of legendary Alla Belfer, a member of the French Perfume Society, Chairman of the Degustation Council of Perfumers, Honored Inventor of Russia, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, considered as one of the best perfumers in the world and highly recognized back in times of “Real Perfumes”. 

Yevgen creates fragrances for politicians, collectors, celebrities, brands, important cultural events,…

He is a big appreciator of classic “Vintages” and is one of those very few ones who still really knows how to create this type of perfumery Art.

Exclusive Perfumes

Unique ingredients

Nowadays anything you meet in perfumery stores, even the most expensive and top rated products and brands, they all include cheap imitation ingredients  – chemical substitutes.

Our Dynamic Parfumer uses over 1,500 rare and unique natural ingredients that you will never find in a mass market, such as real Ambergris and Musk of different kinds, which are no longer being used in modern perfumery, only their imitations!

Authentic Production

Hand-made only once!

Everything is produced authentically and hand-made on the manner of the perfumers of Paris 20s in Yevgen’s “Perfume Lab” in Kiev and can be transferred to anywhere in the world in any quantity.

Extremely competitive prices for such a high level of art and technological skills being put in the product! Contact Dynamic Art for more info! 

Any Occasion!

Personal or
Business needs

For your own personal pleasure or as an unforgettable gift.

For a promotion of your Brand through Strategical Aroma-Marketing Plan or for your own perfume businesses, if you want to sell fragrance under your brand name.

For a special atmosphere in your home or in an important Event. 

Any Purpose!

For the body or
the space

Whether it’s a body perfume or an interior/home fragrance,… traditionally alcohol-based or essential oil-based,… fully natural or half-synthetic,…- we will create the most unique, sophisticated and mind-blowing aroma!

The result will be a pure Parfume product, we do not dilute it to Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne.

And Yevgen will not stop improving his work until you are completely satisfied with the fragrance!

Any Quantity!

From a size of a gift to a size of your own perfume line!

Possibility of creating from just one bottle of 100 ml up to 7 or more liters of concentrate, incl. the option of a “Personal One-in-a-kind Unique Recipe” creation that you can patent, recreate and manufacture.

Your own unrepeatable scent that represents your personality or the feeling of your brand’s customer experience!

Any Package!

Design Project of your scent representation

We deliver and employ not only the correct scent, but also advice you the best scent delivery system solution, designed specifically to your case.


Dynamic Sensory Art

If basic perfume bottle or diffuser aren’t solving your situation, we offer the best ways to visually represent your scent (or several ones) in your space in order for your brand to get even more out of your Marketing Plan!

Your Aroma-Marketing Solution!

We assist companies in determining how to best meet their goals using scent, so that they can create the desired mood, effect or impression by using the correct scent in the specific case and environment.